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Candy Cotton

Chromatic polydiacetylene systems


Our laboratory has been working for several years on development of colorimetric and fluorescent sensors based upon polydiacetylene (PDA) – a unique conjugated polymer. We have demonstrated applications of varied PDA-based sensor configurations, including vesicles, solid-supported films, PDA/sol-gel constructs, and PDA-labeled live cells, and investigated their use in chemical- and biological sensing applications.


Raz Jelinek is a member of the COSMIC consortium contributing development of bacterial sensors based on PDA in containers.


  • Pomegranate Juice Polyphenols Induce Macrophage Death via Apoptosis as oppose to Necrosis Induced by Free Radical Generation: a Central Role for Oxidative Stress, O. Rom, N. Volkova, S. Nandi, Raz Jelinek, M. Aviram, The Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2016, in press.

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