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Candy Cotton

Biological and chemical applications of carbon dots

Biological and chemical applications of

We employ carbon dots (nanoscale fluorescent carbonaceous nanoparticles) in varied applications, including chemo- and bio-sensing, cell imaging, optics, theranostics, and composite materials. Importantly, we have demonstrated that the carbon building blocks endow the produced materials with molecular recognition capabilities, obviating the need for post-synthesis modification of the carbon dots.


  • Metal-catalyst-free gas-phase synthesis of long-chain hydrocarbons, Lidia Martinez, Pablo Merino, Gonzalo Santoro, Jose Martinez, Katsanoulis Stergios, Jesse Ault, Alvaro Mayoral, Luis Vazquez, Mario Accolla, Alexandre Dazzi, Jeremie Mathurin, Ferenc Borondics, Enrique Blázquez-Blázquez, Nitzan Shauloff, Rosa Lebron-Aguilar, Jesus Quintanilla, Raz Jelinek, José Cernicharo, Howard Stone, Victor de la Pena O'Shea, Pedro de Andres, George Haller, Gary Ellis, Nature Communications, 2021, 12, Article number: 5937.

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